Wantage named pageant winners
Wantage. Caroline Reese wins 2019 Miss Wantage crown.

From left, Nancy Van Horn asks future Little Mister Wantage Beau Yanish questions.
By Vera Olinski

Winning smiles flashed, on June 8 at the Annual Little Miss, Little Mister, and Miss Wantage 2019 pageants, sponsored by the Wantage Recreation and Parks Advisory Commission and local businesses.
Each contestant group progressed into Wantage Township Hall after attendees said the Pledge of Allegiance. Former Queen of the Fair and 2016 Miss Wantage, Kelly Wask, sang a heart felt rendition of “The Star Spangled Banner” after the pledge for the Miss Wantage Pageant.
Co-Coordinators Nancy Van Horn and former 2013 Miss Wantage Katlyn Van Horn organized the event. As Mistress of Ceremonies, Nancy said they had 20 contestants signed up for the Little Miss Wantage title, ten contestants for Little Mister Wantage, and eight contestants for the Miss Wantage title.
Lea Lynn Gunther won the 2019 Little Miss Wantage pageant; Beau William Yanish won the 2019 Little Mister Wantage; and Caroline Reese won the 2019 Miss Wantage, with Lauren Weiss as runner-up.
Bridget Burns, Stephanie House, Emma Ortiz, and Stephanie Lordy judged the event.
The 2019 Miss Wantage contestants had essays read about their many accomplishments. Katlyn then asked them questions for the judges to evaluate from why they would like to be Miss Wantage to if they could be anyone in history, who would it be and why.
The Little Miss Wantage contestants chose two questions and gave answers.
Nancy asked Contestant number 17, “Do you have a favorite fruit?”
“Chicken nuggets.”
Nancy later asked Contestant number 19, “Who is your favorite person?
“Mommy, because she’s nice to me.”
Little Mister Contestant number 3 gave Nancy a hug after he finished answering her questions.
Many of the Little Mister contestants ran up to answer questions and ran back to their chairs when they were finished.
After receiving his Little Mister hat, boutonniere, and sash, Yanish asked, “Did I win?”