Vernon police say new hallucinogenic drug in area

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VERNON — Vernon Police are investigating two incidents which officers said seem to be connected and are involving a new drug in the area which is called 25i.

Police said the identities of the arrested with be withheld as the investigation is ongoing.

Officers responded to Legends Resort on Saturday, June 21, to a report of two males and one female acting unusual. One male was reported to be lying on the asphalt parking lot saying that he was on some kind of drugs. Ptl. Ronald Koumaras responded to the area and conducted a motor vehicle stop on a Blue Volkswagon. The suspects appeared to be hallucinating and paranoid, continually asking officers if they were going to shoot them and mentioning colors and fuzzy objects. Police said one suspect stated that he was high on acid and had to be restrained by Ptl. Daniel S. Young and Miranda Meador when his behavior became physical.

The suspect was transported to Newton Hospital for evaluation.

In the second incident, police responded on a report of adult male, running naked down the road. When officers arrived, they observed the naked male run out of the bushes screaming and running towards the officers. The male was restrained by Ptl. David Dehardt and Koumaras. Police said this male was also hallucinating and as with the other incident, asked police if they were going to kill him.

The male was placed into a patrol car, where he was kicking at the doors and windows. He was transported to Newton Hospital.

The male told officers that he had taken two tabs of 25i, an LSD-like hallucinogen drug. In both cases, the suspects symptoms were: extremely dilated pupils, elevated body temperature and extreme hallucinations.

Vernon Township Police are asking for any information regarding the drug 25i and also advising the public of the signs and symptoms and warn that people using 25i, become physical and dangerous.

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