Herbert Yardley of Stillwater has officially filed his petition to seek the Republican nomination for Sussex County Freeholder.

Yardley, who is the former Mayor of Stillwater and the former Sussex County Health Administrator, began gathering support around the county prior to January.

“I have been working the grassroots for a few months now, talking to constituents, elected officials, and party leaders. It’s been made clear to me that the residents of Sussex County are tired of waiting and want concrete solutions to the real problems this county faces. Past errors need to be addressed and closed. Property taxes are rising, and once again, and there seems to be more excuses than solutions," Yardley said.

Yardley stated that the county freeholders need to work diligently to reduce the tax burden on the residents. "With the number of foreclosures, we need to work together with all of our local municipalities to develop a plan to bring people back to Sussex County. Local businesses have suffered under this economy. We need to create a "Sussex County First" program to support our local businesses. We must develop and implement a strategic plan for all county departments in order to provide efficient services to county residents.

The Board of Chosen Freeholders needs to have a clear understanding of the core duties of each county department, and hold each department accountable with the expectation of fiscal responsibility paired with measurable goals and outcomes. This includes a timely review of all non-mandated programs that are paid for with county tax dollars. Above all, The freeholders must learn to negotiate better on behalf of taxpayers."

Yardley plans to visit each one of Sussex County's municipalities in the upcoming weeks to field questions, listen to concerns, and gather suggestions in order to best serve residents.

The seat held by Freeholder Philip Crabb is up for election. Crabb, the county's longest serving freeholder, has previously announced he will not seek re-election. Yardley will face Ailish Hamble, former chair Sussex County Republicanf Committee, in the June 6 primary.