The Mayor and the members of the Wantage Township Committee ran for office supposedly because they wanted to represent and work for the residents and taxpayers of Wantage.

Wantage has contracted with Vernon Township to provide 911 dispatch services for $55,000.

I learned that in 2016 Sussex County had taxed us Wantage taxpayers over $61,000 for 911 dispatching services that the county does not provide to Wantage.

On Feb. 10, I made the Township aware of this problem.

Based on a subsequent total lack of response to my question, it appears obvious that the Mayor and Committeemen have failed (refused) to do anything about the problem.

Based on the proposed 2017 county budget, the county plans on increasing this tax in 2017. It will probably be in excess of $70,000. So in 2017, we will get to pay even more taxes for still zero service.

When the Mayor and Committeemen fail (refuse) to work in the best interests ofus residents and taxpayers, shouldn' t they resign?

If you are a Wantage taxpayer, please contact the Committeemen (Bassani, Gaechter and Morris) and tell them that you don't want to be taxed for a service that we are not receiving.

Bill Gettler