Local massage therapist, Dawn Gomez, of Garden of Life Massage & Yoga Center in Wantage, recently assisted her mentor, Bill Helm, of the Taoist Sanctuary & Pacific College of Oriental Medicine both in San Diego, California, in teaching Tuina Massage for Chronic Pain Syndromes at the Pacific College of Oriental Medicine in, Manhattan.

The two-day seminar covered protocols for treating fibromyalgia and other autoimmune diseases.

Gomez began training with Helm in 2002 when she was young in her field, and still looking for an area of focus. Tuina quickly became her passion when she herself began feeling immediate results from chronic issues with migraines and pain. Tuina is classical Traditional Chinese Medicine massage. It uses special hand techniques to stimulate meridians, or energy pathways. Tuina is a medical treatment and is more than just massage because it works on both the energy level of the body and the muscles.

Tuina massage can treat multiple effects of fibromyalgia, rheumatoid arthritis, Lyme, and other chronic pain syndromes without harmful side effects; providing clients with the ability to get restful sleep and resume simple daily activities.

For additional information about tuina massage with Dawn Gomez at Garden of Life Massage & Yoga Center, please call 973.875.5433 or visit www.1gardenoflife.com or 9 Boulder Hills Blvd., Wantage, NJ.