More retired law enforcement officers can legally carry firearms under legislation signed into law by Gov. Chris Christie. The bill expands the list of retired law enforcement officers eligible to receive a handgun carry permit.

“This new law makes New Jersey more compliant with the federal law and our neighborhoods safer and more comfortable for everyone except criminals,” said Space (R-Sussex). “These are officers who have retired from their jobs, but not from their commitment to ‘protect and serve.’”

In 1997, then-Gov. Christie Todd Whitman signed a law allowing retired police officers to carry concealed weapons in response to the murder of a retired policeman who attempted to stop a car-jacking at a Newark cemetery. The new law includes the following retired full-time officers: special agents of the Division of Taxation; Human Services police officers; New Jersey Transit police officers; campus police officers; state park and conservation officers; Palisades Interstate Park police officers; Burlington County Bridge police officers; housing authority police officers; juvenile corrections officers; parole officers; and railway police officers.