On April 10, 2017, the Vernon Township Council voted in favor of resolution #17-101 — Endorsing a Plan Amendment to the Vernon Township Wastewater Management Plan and Sussex County Water Quality Plan for the Route 94 Corridor and the McAfee Areas in the Township of Vernon.

The resolution reads in part, "the Sussex County Board of Health has written a letter endorsing the expansion of Vernon's Sewer District to service these areas, thereby eliminating any potential future environmental issues going forward".

Are you kidding me? No matter how well constructed, all things wear out and may cause potential future environmental issues. It escapes me how anyone can make such a statement.

As of the date of this writing, the only letter on file from the Sussex County Board of Health is dated Oct. 2, 2015. This letter states septic data from early 2015 was reviewed. The results indicated a septic repair/failure rate of approximately 54 percent in that Vernon area. This is the same letter that was attached to the failed resolution of 2015.

I am not an engineer. However, common sense dictates this is a meaningless and misleading statistic. Without a separately stated breakdown of repairs and failures I do not know if it's 53 percent repairs and 1 percent failure or 1 percent repairs and 53 percent failures.

Why do Council members Patrick Rizzuto, Richard Wetzel and Sandra Ooms and political activist Sally Rinker continue to support the interest of Mountain Creek instead of Vernon Residents? Why are they trying to impose sewer hookup fees and monthly sewer charges to residents of Vernon when it may not be necessary? This expansion benefits Mountain Creek with no relief in sight for the residents of Great Gorge Village. I question their lack of common sense.

If you look closely, you may find that mayors Rinker and Marotta were the driving forces behind this ill conceived plan to shift the sewer costs on to struggling residents and businesses.

The questions are obvious. Their answers seem to be elusive.

Jean Murphy

Vernon Township Council President