Renowned Salem historian and tour company proprietor, Jim McAllister, skyped with Marc Bray and Thom Logiudice’s Sophomore English classes at Vernon Township High School in connection with the study of Arthur Miller’s The Crucible.

The conversation was also in preparation for the students’ annual trip to Salem, Boston and Concord to study the heritage of American literature in the context of its history.

McAllister discussed topics ranging from misunderstood characters in the witch trial hysteria to the impact the trials have had on Salem’s economy. Student Cole Benkendorf even asked McAllister to discuss the Hollywood presence in the city of Salem and films that have capitalized on the witch hysteria.

Student Nathan Fitch observed, “I thought it was interesting that the only way the young girls of that time could have their voices heard was to make accusations.”

Mr. Stephen Denn, the high school librarian who arranged the event, said, “It was a great day for Vernon High School. We are very proud of our students and how well they prepared for the event and represented their teachers.”