Gina Genovese, gubernatorial candidate of the Independent Party, spoke to Kelsey Falkowski’s Civics and Society CP class at Vernon Township High School recently.

Mr. Falkowski’s class has been studying each of the gubernatorial candidates in preparation for the November election. Genovese discussed the difficulties of running as a third party candidate with respect to campaign financing and the lack of media coverage. She fielded numerous questions from the students including topics of ideological polarization, whether third parties were a “wasted vote,” and whether the PARCC exam would remain in existence if she were elected.

Ms. Genovese stressed that her involvement as a candidate is to provide voters another choice from the two main parties. She emphasized that she was running an issues-based campaign. Among her most pressing concerns was reducing property taxes and consolidating services, particularly among school districts.

Student Jacob Bergacs said, “It’s neat that a candidate for governor took the time to speak to teenagers about issues affecting us.” Kelsey added, “Ms. Genovese really brought alive the importance of voting and being civically engaged in the community. Her passion for engaging these students is very commendable.”

All candidates running for governor were invited to speak or Skype to the class.