We live in an era where our two oceans no longer can guarantee peace. The Russians and Chinese are off our coasts-both air and sea, and the North Koreans are working on long range missiles that now have nuclear warhead to hit much of the Continental US. Yes, we have probably have the most destructive force ever created, according to the National Interest Magazine, but that is no guarantee of any quick war without massive destruction.

Any war with North Korea will be an epic struggle, in which millions on the Korean Peninsula — both North Korea and South Korea — much of Japan, and large parts of the continental United States would lose millions. This is true, quite true indeed! There is no way to simply take North Korea out quickly, which has been analyzed by war games and computer projections. Trump needs to stop these rants to no where.

I won’t go into the four scenarios that the US, South Korea, and Japan have both seen, and I have read them. These include conventional weapons, a real surprise with a dual play of conventional and nuclear weapons by North Korea, or their saving at least 4 nuclear weapons to trap American and other troops moving up the Peninsula. There is also the threat of the destruction of Seoul, killing 12 million immediately. What ever happens we also would have to also shore up both South Korea, and Japan on their defenses. In all of this, we have not thought of the Chinese and Russian actions, as they will not let us destroy North Korea.

Look, we have to negotiate even if no negotiations exist. We just released files on the JFK Assassination. After that assassination, and the 1961 Russian scenario, and a final lessening of tensions by both Russia, Cuba, and the United States with help an acquaintance Theodore Sorensen writing letters to all parties, including Cuba, there were interest sections in Cuba and the US. That is a plausible start here, and despite all the nonsense by our President and their;, North Korea most likely would want the same at some point. For now until that point, we should use containment, as we have used with China.

Bill Weightman