Bottom row from left to right: Mia Monell — Commercial Baking; Vanessa Gomez — Graphic Communications; Domenica Bevacqua — Culinary Arts; Danielle Weiss — Business Management & Administration; Middle row from left to right: Brendan Wakefoose — Carpentry; Erin Kidd — Architectural Technology; Madeline Kelleher — Theatre Arts; Nikki Swiderski — Commercial Art; Brianne Giuliano — Allied Health; Danielle VanLuvender — Natural Resources & Conservation; Tina Campanile — Cosmetology; Shirley Hickey — Culinary Arts; Trish Knapp — Building Trades; Back row from left to right: Brandon Shevlin — HVAC; Brian Demarest — Welding; Alonso Perez — Electronics Technology; Matt Collins — Cinematography & Film Video Production; Steven Cowell — Vehicle Maintenance; Dristan Wilkens — Electricity; Hunter Drew — Transportation Technology; Vito Tarulli — Law and Public Safety; Steven Brandon — E-Commerce; Kat Choppy — Engineering; Justin French — Automotive