Are there any conservatives in Sussex County?

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In a year or two when the intentionally uninformed voters in the 24th District, who voted for Oroho's/Space's/Wirths' (all R.I.N.O.s — Sussex County) $500 million bond act, possibly find the State tax to repay these bonds on their property tax bills (possibly for the next 30 to 35 years), they should be informed that they actually unknowingly voted to add this State tax to our property tax bills. Just read Section 20 of S2293.

Apprently this opens up a whole new source of state tax revenue that the state' s progressive, socialist, Democratic legislature and governor can now spend (waste).

By knowingly and intentionlly failing to inform us (their constituents) about this, Oroho, Space and Wirths have yet again stuck another knife in the backs of us taxpayers. This is on top of Oroho's infamous increases in our gas tax.

Based on 2017 statistics, us Sussex County taxpayers could be forced to repay about 1.6210 percent of the estimated cost for paying off the debt service for these bonds, or about $13.99 million to $17.57 million.

For this investment will Sussex County at least receive about 1.6210 percent of the benefits from this $500 million bond act, or about $8.1 million? Of course not! Obviously, the progressive, socialist, Democrats will spend this $500 million where the money will buy them the most votes.

I thought that Republicans were suppose to be for smaller government and lower taxes. Obviously not these three R.I.N.O.s! Again, us Sussex County taxpayers will be forced to subsidize the taxpayers in the other counties, just like Oroho's gas tax increase.

In closing, are there any true conservative Republicans in the 24th District who will run againts Oroho, Space and Wirths in their next elections?

William H. Gettler

Wantage Township

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