Healthy Thymes co-owner hosts food talk

Vernon. Dr. Dani Segal hosted a presentation presented by Amy Lowe of Mega Food called "Trust Your Gut".

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  • Amy Lowe of Mega Food discusses Probiotics.

  • PHOTOS BY JANET REDYKJE Dr. Dani Segal of Healthy Thymes Market addresses the audience concerning digestive health.

Dr. Dani Segal PHD in Holistic Nutrition and co-owner of Healthy Thymes Market in Vernon hosted an educational and informational talk in the lower meeting room at Highlands Church called Trust Your Gut.

The digestive health event was presented by Amy Lowe of Mega Food. Mega Food is a nutritional company supporting healthy eating as well as supplements, namely, Probiotics.

Both Segal and Lowe made reference to the relationship between the gut and the brain.

“The gut is referred to as the second brain,” Segal said.

The digestive system is where serotonin and stress hormones are actually produced. Lowe made an interesting relationship between the gut and the brain by asking the gathering to think of the idea of butterflies in the stomach.

According to the experts, a healthy digestive system is the cornerstone of strong immunity and overall good health.

"There are three negative impacts on our digestive systems. The use of antibiotics, sugar, which feeds bad bacteria and chemical herbicides and pesticides,” explained Lowe.

Ultimately, both nutritionists cited that Probiotics and Prebiotics can repair damage to the gut after these devastating impacts. Some Probiotics foods are yogurt, fermented pickles, temph, which is fermented soy, sauerkraut, miso, which is soy bean paste and kombucha to name a few. Prebiotics would include fiber, quinoa, beans, lentils, fresh fruits and vegetables.

“A depleted digestive system can breed illnesses like depression, chronic inflammation, Alzheimer’s and possibly even Autism.

“I want to inspire people to observe this food and gut problem and possibly correct it naturally,” Segal said.

According, to both women, even a deep cleansing breath improves digestion.

For more gut information, visit or visit or contact the Healthy Thymes Market.

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