Harrisons open summer concert series

Wantage. The husband-and-wife duo opens 2019 Friends of the Library concert series at Sussex-Wantage Library.

| 05 Aug 2019 | 01:58

By Janet Redyke

Husband and wife duo, the Harrisons, fittingly opened the 2019 Friends of the Library summer concert offerings at the Sussex- Wantage Library Amphitheater on Thursday, July 25, with the Beatles’ song All My Loving.

The duo chose their group name because of their admiration for Beatle George Harrison and his music. The Harrisons offered a lively mixture of numbers from jazz to selections of the 1940s to classic rock to today’s contemporary music.

Jen Sisco and Christian Frentzko both play guitar, have harmonious voices and distinctly add ukulele, mandolin with Sisco handling the pulsing percussion. Both are also local school music educators and have booked their summer school vacation in many of the local and not so local venues. They will entertain at the Sussex County Farm and Horse Show on August 4 as well as local restaurants Brick N Brew and The Irish Cottage Inn on dates in August. The Harrisons ultimate goal for 2019 was to perform 104 shows, they already surpassed that number as of this summer. Frentzko interjected jokes and entertaining stories between each song selection. One such humorous yarn was when he presented the song Lola to his high school class, citing “the total confusion” of the class of 30 students.

The amphitheater at the Sussex- Wantage Library was dedicated in September 2008 constructed with funds from the estate of Agnes Kefer Philblad. Concerts continue on August 15 with guitarist John Sheehan.