Vernon boy wins talent show

Vernon. Jacob Lopez, 7, wins the talent show at the New Jersey State Fair.

12 Aug 2019 | 01:12

Many talented individuals came and performed at the Talent Show this year, but Jacob Lopez, 7, outshined them all, winning first place.

Lopez performed a medley from three of his favorite artists, Frank Sinatra (Fly Me to the Moon); Dean Martin (Somebody Loves You); and Louis Prima (Gigolo).

Surprising the crowd when he walked on to the stage in a dapper blue suit, he introduced his performance and wowed the crowd with his voice and interaction with the crowd while having them sing back with him.

Seeing such a young boy performing these older generation classics stunned the crowd and the judges. He won 1st place with this performance with people praising his talent after the show.

“I was amazed to see this young, quite handsome young boy, so well dressed performing these songs from the Great American Songbook," Judge 2 said. "He hit every note perfectly and interacted with the crowd perfectly."

Lopez has shown musical interest since he was three years old as his father exposed him to a variety of music from a young age. He also has been taking piano and singing lessons.