| 26 Aug 2019 | 01:20


Read to babies even before they can talk

Let your child see and touch the book

Play with voices and the sounds of words


Have a wide variety of books available to children

Encourage children to look at books on their own

Set aside a family reading area and a family reading time


Have children help you search for specific brands

Use the aisle markers with your child to find items

Match coupons to products

Have children write out grocery listsSet aside a family reading area and a family reading time


Show your child how to read a recipe

Read the labels on ingredients together

Make a family cookbook of favorite recipes

Develop oral literacy by talking about family recipes and cooking tips


Note signage during nature walks and other outings

Discuss logos

Ask children to point out print outside of the home environment


Talk together about your family history

Look at old vacation photos and discuss your memories of the trip

Record your storytelling


Choose songs with rhymes and word play

Play rhyming games with your child such as what other words sound like “honey”?

Challenge your child to sing or say rhymes as fast as they can and don’t forget to laugh if the results are silly


Provide lots of writing materials (chalk, markers, crayons, and pencils)

Encourage your child to draw and write on their own

Encourage your child to write thank you notes to grandparents, make to-do lists, etc.


Visit an art museum together and use storytelling to explain what is happening in the artwork. Allow your child to interpret the artwork however he/she views it

Have children create their own drawings, painting, sculptures, and even instillation pieces made from recyclables in your living room

Explain art with sentence strips on which children dictate to you what their artwork is about (consider making a recording in which the children can tell a story about their artwork)


Make trips as often as you can

Encourage your child to get his or her own library card

Take advantage of library programs, such as read alouds and family book clubs

For more information, tips and resources, visit RIF.org Source: Reading Is Fundamental