Assembly committee passes bond email bill

Dec 20 2018 | 03:13 AM

    The Assembly State and Local Government Committee approved legislation sponsored by Assemblyman Hal Wirths allowing counties to send proposed bond ordinances to municipalities by email.
    “People have relied on email for almost 20 years,” said Wirths. “We can use technology to replace the old, inefficient ways and save taxpayer money.”
    Counties operating under the optional county charter law are required to mail proposed ordinances to municipal clerks. The paperwork can be up to 25 pages and must be sent to as many as 70 municipalities.
    Wirths’ bill allows optional county charter counties to modernize with email and provides clarification on the process for non-charter counties.
    “It’s a good day in Trenton when we can pass a bill that increases efficiency, improves reliability and saves taxpayer dollars,” said Wirths. “We should be passing more cost-saving bills like this and providing direct relief to property tax payers.”
    Assemblyman Parker Space co-sponsors the bill.