Cedar Mountain hosts father-daughter dance

Apr 08 2019 | 02:36 AM

    A long line of guests entered Cedar Mountain Primary School, April 5, for the SCA sponsored Father-Daughter Dance.
    Cedar Mountain SCA President Denise Clarke said around 306 guests attended, along with 20 parents and teachers, who helped serve food and organize.
    Clarke gave a guided tour of the “Little Lady’s Choice Spring Dance.” Fathers and daughters posed together for photos at the end of a lit hall, with white vertical hanging lights along the walls. While they waited, the fathers read lists of “Signs of Spring” hanging up along the hall, which their daughters had written.
    The parents had chosen the photo booth, Clarke explained, as a result of a Facebook poll.
    Tasty food greeted everyone’s noses as they entered the “Unicorns, fairies, rainbows, and glitter” decorated cafeteria. Principal Rosemary Gebhardt and Physical Education Teacher Michele Gonnelli offered catered Sodexo food, like egg rolls, bagel bites, and chicken nuggets.
    Precious princesses, dressed in sparkly dresses, tiaras, and banana curls, filled the school. Each girl received an SCA created wand when they first arrived. Some convinced their dads to color pictures with them, as other girls decorated flowered snap bracelets with little gems.
    Amy VanBlarcom had made 180 snap bracelets for the little girls to take home.
    Clarke showed balloon decorations on the way down to the “Under the Sea” level dance in the gym and said three of them became a little light headed after blowing up all the balloons.
    Kids enjoyed “rainbow unicorn bark” and used little scoop buckets to serve snacks, including goldfish crackers.
    Dancing music flowed through the gym, as fathers and daughters danced to, “She took my arm...Dance with me!” Later, Clarke led the gym full of guests through the “Cha-Cha Slide,” followed by a lot of little girls running around screaming with joy.