Highland Flowers celebrates International Women's Day

Mar 11 2019 | 12:18 PM

    International Women’s Day was observed on March 8. Highland Flowers and owner Lori Struck celebrated with a Ladies Night Out complete with store discounts, champagne, refreshments and tasty morsels like chocolate covered pretzels and dipped strawberries.
    Luna Locks owner Kate Fresso of Sparta a.k.a. Fairy Kate, decked out in fairy garb, wings given to her by “her fairy godmother”, fairy hair and lavished with pixie dust, adorned willing customers with an array of colorful fairy hair.
    With precise accuracy, Fairy Kate added beautiful shimmering strands of rainbow colors to the hair of girls and women who aspire to the power of the fairies. According to Fairy Kate, the tinsel-like strands fuse to one’s hair. The fascination is, the strands can be washed, brushed, combed, shampooed, blow-dried etc. and the bedazzling will last weeks, months, depending on the subject.
    “If you eventually lose a fairy hair, you can make a wish,” smiled Fairy Kate.
    When her son or daughter lose their strands, they throw them outside. In springtime, the family has seen discarded fairy hair in the construction of birds’ nests.
    Fairy Kate has had many bedazzled customers from age three to 93 and even men are on board, preferring shimmering colors added to their beards.
    One of the family fairies has even added the strands to a horse’s tail.
    Fairy hair application has become the rage at children and adult parties, as well as, bachelorette and sorority parties.
    Ladies Night partied on until 8 p.m. with many colorizing locks of fairy hair.
    For more information, visit the business website www.NJFairyHair.com.