Lounsberry Hollow art students have their artwork displayed

Jan 10 2019 | 03:14 AM

Lounsberry Hollow Art teacher Erik Villanueva selected the works of fourth-graders Ethan Moran, Samantha Millad, Noelle LoGiudice, Calleigh Brown, Natalie Wynn, James Cornell, Delilah Kaye, Vivian Abshier, who created self-portraits reminiscent of Roy Lichtenstein’s style.
Mr. Villanueva also selected the work of fifth-graders Jason Hopping, Ella Platt, Aiden Galvan, Antoinette Marra, Robbie LaBarbera, Heath Gallant, Samantha Bose and Katie Wood. 5th graders created their own masks in a traditional African style.
Lounsberry Hollow’s artwork will be on display at The Vernon Township Board of Education office during the month of January. Mr. Dennis Mudrick is the Lounsberry Hollow Principal.