Murphy proposes tax ballot question

Vernon. Council President Jean Murphy suggested a question on the November ballot to enact a 10-year-tax to set aside money for recreation and future field replacements.

02 Aug 2019 | 02:33

Vernon Township Council President Jean Murphy suggested on Monday the township put a question on the November ballot to enact a 10-year tax that would be set aside for recreation and future fields replacement.

“The objective is to have money available so future bonding will not be needed,” Murphy said.

Murphy said the proposal recommends a half-center per $100 of assessed value. She said for an average township home – costing about $215,000 – the cost would be about $1 per month.

Mayor Harry Shortway says he opposes the ordinance and called it a “political response without due diligence and is hypocrisy.

”The Mayor’s claim is totally without merit,” Murphy said. “ It is what I consider a practical solution to an ongoing problem. How can it be political if the voters are being asked to decide?"

He said she objected to a less than $9 increase for the turf replacement and an additional $11 per year for other capital items.

Murphy said the council was informed that in about two years the football field at Maple Grange Park will need to be replaced at a cost of $525,000 and Murphy said money has not been set aside for it.

If the ballot question passes in November a sufficient amount of money will not be collected in time to pay for the third field but the amount of that bond would be substantially reduced,” Murphy said. “However in 10 years there would be adequate funds available the next time the two soccer fields need replacement.”

The township council will host a special meeting on Monday, Aug. 5, at 9 a.m. to hold a public hearing and possibly adopt the ordinance.