Plans for new ShopRite advance

May 09 2018 | 01:00 AM

About 220 jobs will be coming to the area in about two years when a recently approved ShopRite opens its doors.
The Sussex Borough Planning and Zoning Board and the Wantage Township Land Use Board gave approval at a joint meeting on April 23 a 92,410 square-foot supermarket on Route 23. The building's footprint will encompass 86,810 square feet, while Mezzanines will total an additional 5,600 square feet. The entirety of the supermarket will be in Sussex Borough, while the 546-foot parking lot will be split between the borough and Wantage Township.
The state Department of Transportation also needs to issue a permit for a traffic signal at the corner of Route 23 and Weible Plaza.
In order for the project to go forward, the Sussex Borough council and Wantage Township Community must pass resolutions memorializing the decisions to approve the preliminary plans of their respective boards.
"This site plan is the culmination of years of planning and negotiations between Shop Rite, Sussex Borough, and Wantage Township," Wantage Mayor William Gaechter said. "I have always believed that Sussex and Wantage can achieve great success in working together. This long awaited project is an example of that cooperation."
Sussex Borough Mayor Katherine Little said ShopRite also needs to get the necessary permits for the store's construction, and she is not concerned about possible traffic implications in her municipality.
"Sometimes people worry about those things, but then when things come it works itself out," said Little, who believes the ShopRite's opening to be a positive thing for the area. The Sussex Borough Council is next scheduled to meet on May 15, while the Wantage Township Council is scheduled to meet Thursday.
— Erika Norton contributed to this report.