Residents protest illegal dumping in Vernon

Jan 23 2019 | 01:04 AM

A group of Vernon Township residents braved the cold on Monday to protest the illegal dumping at 3 Silver Spurce Drive.
Protesters were joined by Vernon Township Mayor Harry Shortway, who has been working over the past several months along to get the state Dept. of Environmental Protection to inspect and take action on the site.
DEP Commissioner Catherine McCabe joined elected officials and EPA Regional Administrator Pete Lopez on a tour of the site in December.
The problem swill remains.
Shortway calls the site an "un-permitted landfill in a residential area."
Shortway said mature deciduos in the pile were dead or dying and water was seen running from the pile into the wetlands lcoated about 50 feet away. There also were large vertical ruts indicating erosion apparent along the slope of the pile leading toward the wetlands.
Shortway also said "stop work orders" are in effect at a sign at the intersection of Route 565 and Silver Spruce Drive to alert drivers is ignored.