Roseline's all about quality

Dec 20 2018 | 01:37 AM

Roseline's Farm & Bakery is all about quality.
Roseline herself ensures this. What started as a farm stand in 2002, when a couple wanted a healthier lifestyle for their family, has blossomed into a super fresh destination that specializes in breads, pies, quiche, breakfast and brunch. Holiday orders are now being taken for Christmas and New Year.
It all started when Roseline Lin and her husband, Tico, bought a farm in the late '90s on Route 565 in Augusta. Determined to learn how to farm, Roseline worked diligently to learn the ins and outs of growing. Neighbors who lived around their property were more than willing to help, and soon the Lins had a farm stand at the edge of the property. They still lived in Wayne, but on the weekends, the whole family would head to Sussex County and daughters Tiffany and Yenddie (12 and eight at the time) loved working the stand.
“My parents had previously been in the garment business and had factories in New Your City,” Tiffany Lin said.
A healthier lifestyle has always been the farm's impetus.
The Lins would sell whatever they grew at the stand. They started noticing a surplus of zucchini, and Roseline being Roseline and not wanting to waste the delicious crop, used her creativity. She had the idea to use the Sussex Tech industrial kitchen and start baking homemade zucchini bread to sell at the stand.
“It was instantly a huge hit,” Tiffany Lin said. “People just loved it.”
The Lins moved from Wayne, permanently, to Augusta in 2005, and the girls attended High Point Regional High School. The success of the zucchini bread spawned more baking and the opening of a bakery on the property in 2008.
“My mom has always been really focused,” Lin said. “We use what we grow and she was doing something similar to farm to plate well before it was popular.”
“Focused” may be an understatement for Roseline's dedication to the business. She bakes every single day and is up between 3:30 and 4 a.m. to do so. Muffins and other items are baked daily including, and in addition to the staples, there are seasonable favorites including strawberry rhubarb.
“People are pleasantly surprised by our quiches,” Lin said. “They aren't in any way a mushy consistency but you can taste the fresh vegetables
What sets Roseline's apart from other establishments is that there aren't tons of items.
“It's not like a typical bakery,” Lin said, “We are very focused on quality and not quantity to ensure that people are consuming the freshest of food.”
For the holidays, pies are popular.
“Over the years, I have made over 10,000 pie crusts with my sister,” Lin said. “We use real butter, not Crisco or vegetable shortening. And when it comes to pumpkin pie, there is no canned stuff. We steam Kabocha Pumpkins.”