Sussex Borough receives $1M USDA grant

Sussex Borough. Grant from the USDA will provide partial funding for a water-line installation.

16 Aug 2019 | 04:39

Sussex Borough officials signed a letter of intent on Aug. 7, accepting a $1,018,800 grant from the USDA to provide partial funding to install a water line from Lake Rutherford directly to the water treatment facility.

Lake Rutherford is the source of Sussex Borough's drinking water.

By installing this water line, drinking water will be delivered directly to the treatment facility, reducing the impurities that water could contain as it arrives for treatment at the plant. Treatment costs will be reduced as less chemicals are necessary.

This is also expected to improve the borough's water quality, officials said.

The grant application was made on behalf of Sussex Borough by their Grant Writing Consultant, Bruno Associates of Clifton. About $400,000 was granted for this water line during fiscal year 2017j from Small Cities CDBG. There is $1,418,800 in grant money available for the project.

To date, $2.9 million grants have been received to do various improvements to Sussex Borough’s utilities by Bruno Associate Director, Steve Welsh.

The state setting the money aside for Sussex Borough.