TV show to feature Under My Wing refuge

20 Mar 2015 | 02:18

Unde My Wing Refuge will be featured on Urban Animals TV from until Ssaturday May 30.

Under My Wing's mission is to provide a safe permanent residence to tormented and unwanted exotic birds and maintain their lifelong care. In addition Under My Wing provides services to the avian community, in general via education, hands-on training, and community service outreach with programs specifically designed to equip prospective bird parents who wish to adopt with as much knowledge and insight as we have about our adoptable birds.

Now in existence for more than 7 years, Under My Wing Avian Refuge is hoping to expand its services for the birds living here by providing large outdoor flight aviaries for the birds use during the warmer months.

With a match fund up to $2,500 to May 15 Under My Wing is seeking financial support of the public as they aim to reach a minimal of a $10,000 goal in order to properly build safe large outdoor flight aviaries for the many different species of birds.

In addition Under My Wing seeks corporate funding, building contractors, donations of materials and supplies, and volunteers to help with the outdoor aviary and repairs to bird porch room and renovations where Under My Wing is planning to build an extension with a wrap around porch with additional aviaries for the birds.

For additional information visit Call 973-702-7770 or email