Zookeeper brings laughs, spring babies

18 Apr 2019 | 04:07

    Local celebrity Lori Space-Day of Space Farms paid a visit to the Vernon Senior Center on Wednesday, April 17, during the monthly meeting of the Leisure Club.
    A springtime regular known for her baby animal program, Space-Day brought her “new edition” babies as usual but also tried out some of her new stand-up comedy routine based on her years of zoo happenings and antics.
    “I totally enjoy what I do,” the animated Space-Day told the gathering. “By the end of the week, I’ll be caring for 16 of the bottle babies who need to eat at all times of the day and night. Would you believe I’m only 19, I just look really old,” she joked.
    She has incorporated many of the zoo’s day-to-day happenings into a humorous stand-up act which she has already taken on the road.
    Space-Day spoke of two rescued birds, a macaw and a parrot. Both birds being famous for talking, they surprised Space-Day. One continuously said cracker.
    “I didn’t know if the macaw wanted a cracker or was calling me a derogatory name,” she laughed.
    The parrot, who hates Space-Day, would continuously attack her. She repeated over and over Don’t bite me Buddy. After years of repetition, Buddy now shouts Bite me Buddy every time he sees the zookeeper.
    Space-Day impressed the Leisure Club members with a Buff Polish rooster, who crowed every few minutes. The rooster was a fancy breed, with a wild comb and black skin. Also visiting were four LaMancha baby goats who melted the seniors’ hearts as four volunteers got to hold and bottle feed the week-old babies.