Girls on the Run study confirms positive impact on girls' lives

06 Aug 2018 | 01:33

    Girls on the Run is an after school program that combines curriculum with sport aimed at building self-esteem and confidence in young girls between 3rd and 5th grade.
    Throughout the 10-week season, the girls will discuss such topics such as body image, popularity, gossiping, choosing our friends, conflict resolution and much more. The curriculum is also combined with the sport of running.
    A recent independent longitudinal study conducted by Dr. Maureen Weiss of the University of Minnesota provides evidence of the transformative and lasting life changes proving the positive impact of Girls on the Run.
    Here are some reasons why Girls on the Run is so important to the girls in our community. Studies show that girl’s self-confidence begins to drop by age 9. Their physical activity begins to decline by age 10 and continues to do so into adolescence. And then there’s bullying experienced by 50 percent of girls ages 10 to 13. We all remember how challenging adolescence can be starting with the physical changes girls go through. Friendships can also become more complicated. Combine that with exclusionary behavior along with the negative impact of social media and navigating those social pressures becomes even more difficult. Girls on the Run provides the tools girls need to stand up for themselves and navigate these challenges.
    Among the many positive results reported from girls who participate were that 97 percent of girls learned critical life skills. The University of Minnesota study revealed that they continue to use these tools in their daily lives at home, school and with their friends. The least active girls increased their physical activity by more than 40 percent, and 85 percent improved in multiple areas such as confidence, character and caring. And a stronger impact on learning life skills is made by GOTR than sports or physical education programs. These are only a few of the study’s results.
    View the full report at
    Registration for the Girls on the Run New Jersey North spring season is open! The organization is actively seeking coaches at the Sussex Middle School. Coaching for Girls on the Run is a rewarding opportunity that requires a commitment of 1.5 hours, twice a week, for 10 weeks. All coaches will receive a guaranteed team placement for their daughter. Get ready to inspire and be inspired.
    We currently have space available at the sites listed below:
    Sussex Wantage sponsored by Sussex Wantage Lay Ecumenical Council:
    The Wantage School-Tuesday and Thursday 4:00-5:30 p.m. (3rd-5th grade)
    Sussex Middle School-Tuesday and Thursday 3:30-5 p.m. (6th-8th grade) Needs 1 coach
    Vernon Sponsored by Vernon AdvoCare Pediatrics:Lounsberry Hollow Middle School-Tuesday and Friday 5:00-6:30 pm (6th-8th grade Heart and Sole)
    The GOTR season will begin September 10th and conclude with the GOTR 5k on November 18th at the Sussex County Fairgrounds in Augusta. More information is available on their website, For questions, email Girls on the Run at