We do this work because we care

15 May 2018 | 01:17

Project Help, Inc., is a 501(c)3 Charity whose mission is to help veterans and their families during difficult times. They assist veterans in New Jersey’s seven northern counties in getting back on their feet.
“We work very hard to be able to sustain our veterans as they struggle with the many issues that are holding them back from a happy, healthy and successful life. Many struggle with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Traumatic Brain Injury, depression and a myriad of other health, emotional and mental afflictions.”, said Executive Director, Sandy Mitchell.
As a small, grassroots, not-for-profit organization, it is a balancing act for Project Help to achieve their goals and to raise the funding to do so. Maintaining their mission to help veterans and their families who face a variety of serious issues including poverty, homelessness, criminal offenses, lack of gainful employment, sub-standard housing and more, in conjunction with the additional effort required to self-fund their operations through events, both live and online, is extremely difficult.
Mitchell stated, “Keeping our eye on the goal is critical to sustaining the organization. It is constant networking with the right organizations and corporations, forming partnerships and alliances, that will help pave the way to our success in helping vets get back on solid ground.”
Mitchell also offered this example as a model of the group’s objectives. “A veteran, a single dad of two, met up with us with one dollar in his pocket. He had been unemployed or underemployed for five years. We worked with him for 18 months and are happy to report he’s back on his feet, has a good job and is getting his life on track for the first time in many years.”
Recently, Project Help has made some important strides. They were invited to serve as part of a Department of Defense ESGR (Employer Support of the Guard and Reserve) program, to be the liaison between employers and current National Guard and Reserve employees. This program is designed to highlight mutual accountability for successful employment outcomes. The outreach of ESGR has now expanded to central and southern New Jersey. Project Help has also partnered with Bridging the Gap in acquiring new employers for active military and veterans seeking a new career. Project Help will introduce new territories in New Jersey and share in the proceeds as they bring employers and veteran candidates together for speed interviews. In addition, Project Help has been asked to join the Salute Coalition for NJ and to participate in a new initiative for incarcerated vets to help them prepare for success after release.
While Project Help’s primary mission of attending to basic needs continues to be crucial, it’s not a complete solution- it’s just a band aid on a massive problem. Gainful employment and safe, affordable homes will provide the security our troubled veterans so desperately need, and Project Help believes that a focus on finding our veterans lasting career opportunities and proper housing is paramount.
If Project Help can fulfill the goals of both their founding mission and their new initiatives, the veterans they serve will have the potential to realize their dreams and lead lives filled with the stability, success, health, and happiness they so richly deserve.
But they can’t do it alone.
Project Help is currently an all-volunteer organization and is struggling with the trend of a decline in volunteerism. With much work to be done, and too few hands to do it, it becomes difficult to achieve their goals. They are putting out a call for more involvement, including opening two more board seats in May 2018. They also have many committee positions and volunteer opportunities for people who share their vision of helping our veterans.
For more information, please contact Sandy Mitchell by phone at 973-875-2068 or email at Sandy@mitchellclan.com. You can also find Project Help online at www.ProjectHelp.US , and like and follow them on Facebook at Project Help, and Twitter at @ProjectHelpUS.
Project Help is an all-volunteer, registered 501(c)3 charity, EIN 81-1804210.