A kindler gentler nation begins with a change of heart

| 26 Aug 2021 | 01:57

    Recently the University of Pittsburgh was exposed for harvesting body parts from live infants. If you’re not horrified by this, you should be. Documents uncovered through the Freedom of Information Act prove the university’s intent to use labor induction abortion, (forcing the unborn out whole) to minimize ischemia (deficiency of blood supply to an organ). Make no mistake, this is infanticide plain and simple. So where is the outrage? If you’re against the vivisection of animals for scientific research, (and I hope you are), then how much more should we be outraged over organs extracted from humans with heartbeats? PITT proudly boasted of their desire to be the distribution center for harvested human tissue. In the wake of our country’s newfound push for equal treatment for all, where is the outrage over the removal of organs from our most vulnerable? Maybe we’ve just become desensitized from the abortion industry and its horrific practices against our young. In the words of Alveda King, “How can the dream survive if we murder the children?” If you know someone in a crisis pregnancy, you might just be the one to change their heart.

    Dr. Alfredo Castro