Appoint Howard Burrell as SCCC trustee

20 Mar 2019 | 12:28

    I recently sent a letter to the members of the Sussex County Freeholder Board asking them to appoint Howard Burrell as a Trustee of the Sussex County Community College.
    From what I’ve been reading in press accounts, it looks to me like somebody on the inside is blocking Howard’s appointment. What makes it worse is that they are using politics as an excuse when it isn’t so.
    Myself and Hal Wirths are heading up this year’s Republican ticket and I don’t know of anyone in the GOP who doesn’t have good things to say about Howard. I know he and Steve Oroho have been friends for pushing 20 years. One and all know Howard to be a good man who puts the job he has to do before party politics.
    We’ve all read about how Howard’s appointment as a Trustee got gummed up by a few objections that claimed it was about politics, which it is not. That was the old board. Sussex County now has a new board and can make this happen. A recent editorial has a point when they say that if the process had been followed, Howard would be into his second year as a Trustee and that the Freeholder Board can help to bring back faith in the process by doing the right thing and appointing Howard without further delay.
    I want to go on the record in support of that and I ask the Freeholder Board to take a vote and appoint Howard at the next appropriate time.
    Thank you,
    Parker Space