Become knowledgeable about state's proposed transgender policy

12 Mar 2019 | 01:19

    The Sussex-Wantage Regional School District's (K-8) on Feb. 27 got "interesting" when the subject of a new state proposed policy on transgender students came up for a vote.
    The new policy on transfender students, which is apparently being pushed by the Murphy Administration, will empower school officials and employees to make major life changing decisions for students while keeping these decisions confidential from the students' parents and/or guardians and family.
    Also, why should students who aren't transgender be forced to use a restroom and/or locker room with members of the opposite sex? Why is the state denying these students their rights?
    Obviously, Gov. Murphy and his administration is trying to destroy familes and family values so that the government gets more power over the students' lives. One of the biggest problems that the United States has is the destruction of family and family values.
    This meeting took place in Sussex-xWantage, but the state is trying to force every school districct in the state to adopt is new policy on transgender students. If you are concerned about your children's welfare, or any children, please become knowledgeable about the state's new policy on transgender students and speak out now.
    William Gettler
    Wantage Township