Finance, stimulation and who is on first with our economy

26 Mar 2020 | 02:29

    I love Lou Costello, and his - Who is on First" is perfect for what is going on in the White House, the Governor's Office in New York State and everywhere! First, we had the President saying this economic bomb and the virus that brings much horror, was to end in a couple of weeks! With that lunacy, the Treasury Security took off to the House, and the Senate! Well, we know now that this won't be short interval after listening to Governor Cuomo, and hundreds of others on CNN, and everywhere else, including Italy, and Washington state and Italy, where I spent much time!

    Airlines are pressing for $50 billion or more to stay afloat, and just about everything is shutting down like our industry , bars and whatever you think! We cannot use the FED, as it surrendered its mind to a zero interest rate, hopefully meeting Trump's desire, but is that not a bad choice? Let us see, and wait for the Treasury Secretary, the House, and the Senate for a $1 trillion bailout for all-maybe! Remember the Fed has been here before from 2008-2015. Now I am a liberal and I am having questions like a WSJ journalist on this, as he notes that money in the past was for banks. Well, anyway Trump and Cuomo are on board.

    The Fed can't and won't cut rates lower! That is an issue has been settled or has it? We now see that this virus is a medical crisis, and one that will be around longer than we hope or know now! It is also a political crisis that will be around for a much larger time than we think! I just did a radio show with the Head of the New Jersey Boxing Hall of Fame on the Spanish Flu in 1918, and it's impact on the sport of boxing. The results of that Spanish Flu on the world where 50 to 60 million lost their lives, and the sport took a KO for years! We will exceed that!

    We know that so much must be done, but we need to know who is on first, and know who is on the other bases, and this is no longer comedy ! One trillion dollars is probably not enough, but we the citizens need to be at the table, as this can go on for years! Schools, sports, big and small business issue, and jobs and lost income are serious issues! Here is an ending you would probably never see: " Pray for your children, your nation and political agreement forward, and for the safety of the rest of the world!

    Bill Weightman