Last week’s joke

28 Sep 2020 | 06:35

    To the Editor:

    Did anyone else get the joke in last week’s paper? Some guy from Sparta writes a long-winded letter about “evil” Trump’s voting rules.

    I couldn’t read it because it was too long and boring, and if you read one Trump hate letter you read them all, but from the headline I assume it said something about Trump not liking mail-in ballots. The joke was that on the previous page, the news headline read, “Uncounted ballets found in bin”! 1,666 of them to be exact. Ha!

    That guy can’t see the woods for the trees. It’s literally right in your face. There is about 5,000 people in Franklin, maybe 1,000 of them vote. 1,666 ballets are found in a bin from July? ‘

    I just got my mail-in ballot. Where is that bin so I can just save time and throw it directly into there to be found sometime next May?

    Alex Wronka