Let’s not forget those 19,000 lies

01 Jun 2020 | 06:18

    To the Editor:

    Following up on Jonathan Leroux’s letter thanking President Trump (May 8-14 edition), let’s not forget to also thank Mr. Trump for: lying to and misleading the American people over 19,000 documented times (Wikipedia); placing the phrase “grab p----” into the homes of millions; lacking the concept of role modeling by not wearing a face mask during this pandemic; calling the murderous heads of Russia and North Korea, as well as Neo-Nazis, “good guys”; ignoring climate change and decimating the EPA; not being prepared for Coronavirus despite all the credible warnings as far back as January; playing divisive politics since before he was sworn in; and demonstrating to future leaders across America the text-book case study on how to fail at leadership from A to Z.

    Will Voelkel

    Milford, Pa.