Mountain Creek deal is not good news for homeowners 'smashed like bugs'

28 Aug 2019 | 03:05

    I'm glad that Mountain Creek and the Town of Vernon MUA came to a deal. What wonderful news for Mountain Creek and its plan to emerge from bankruptcy. What wonderful news that Vernon taxpayers won't get stuck with this debt. What wonderful news that Sussex County's bond debt will be made whole.

    Where is the wonderful news for those of us who own homes in Great Gorge? We got smashed like bugs by a multi-million-dollar corporation and a series of past politicians and cronies - backroom deals of the past, paid for in the present.

    This is America. In America, you pay for what you use. Electricity, water, gas, phone and internet, TV plans and even the home we choose to live in. This is fair. But if you own a home in Great Gorge, Vernon, USA, you don't pay a fair price for the sewer service you use. In order to do that, there would be a meter measuring your usage. In Great Gorge, Vernon USA, you pay a phony bill, with a phony made-up fee on it. Meters should be put on the sewer system so everybody gets to benefit from this wonderful news.

    This is America. I understand about being a good citizen and the concept of a social compact. When my kids were young and in school, other taxpayers in town stepped up and paid school taxes to help educate my kids. I now do the same. I'll pay my taxes for the kids, the roads, the police and all the other town workers who make Vernon a great place to live. I do not want to overpay anymore for a greedy corporation's legal maneuver, inept politicians and their cronies. This is not part of the social compact.

    Michael Shandra