Mourning the loss of four special women

08 Apr 2019 | 01:04

    Unfortunately, four very special women recently departed from our midst. One of these individuals was Maribeth Lincoln who was a devout Christian and an upbeat person with a ready smile, another was Barbara Ayers. She was a bubbly woman whose whole being shone with her love and devotion to God. She was a dynamo. The third, Dorothy LaPrelle, was a wonderful, spiritual woman.
    She was extremely positive, kind and loving. Last, but not least, is Linda Love Hunter-Conklin who was extremely courageous in her actions during the period the Homestead Nursing Home was in jeopardy of being privatized. Linda, who was a resident at that time, took on the challenge of attempting to prevent that. I would oftentimes see her sitting outside in all kinds of weather in her wheelchair trying to get others involved in her endeavors. Because of Linda’s dedication to her cause I had to get on board to try to also help her.
    All of the above women hold a special place in my heart. Oftentimes their images come floating before me. They have all left an impact on my life in different ways. I looked up to and admired each of them. I am hereby honoring all of them for the encouraging lives they lived. I feel very privileged that they were a part of my life for even a brief phase. They will forever be remembered by me and all those who knew and loved them.
    Christa Gerry