President has obligation to ask how U.S. aid is used

28 Jan 2020 | 12:15

    I would like to congratulate Peter Compa for successfully writing a very long letter while totally excluding the relevant facts. The Democrats started searching for an excuse to impeach President Trump as soon as they learned that Trump had won the Electoral College votes.

    Peter totally failed to even mention Burisma, Hunter Biden, former Vice President Joe Biden and his threat to withhold $1 billion in U.S. aid, no less Biden's infamous video. If the Democrats didn't even investigate, no less prosecute or impeach Joe Biden, where do they get off trying to impeach President Trump? Stupid me, Trump's a Republican.

    I firmly believe that a sitting President not only has the right, but should also have a moral and legal obligation to request (demand) that a foreign government investigate any corruption involving the misuse of U.S. aid. Even (especially) if it involved a former government official and his son.

    Peter should know that if I thought that Trump had done something really wrong, I would be one of the first people calling for his removal. Apparently Peter has forgotten that I attended former Gov. Chris Christie's town hall meeting and when Christie was foolish enough to call on me, I publicly requested that he resign. A number of people have told me that it was the only time that they ever saw Christie totally speechless. Christie just stood there, leaning on a post, staring at me. If looks could kill, I would have been instantly vaporized. Christie then politely declined my request.

    Impeachment is an extremely important protection that was built into our constitution.

    Impeachment should not be minimized by its being used for partisan politics.

    If Peter has documents verifying his claims of "Gas of golf carts since 2017, $588,000" and etc, I would greatly appreciate it if he would send copies to me.

    William H. Gettler

    Wantage Township