Show the police the respect and gratitude they deserve

Vernon /
| 22 Aug 2021 | 07:00

    To the Editor:

    There has recently been a lot of negativity and malice directed toward our police officers. They are facing a lot of criticism and lack of support, which makes an already difficult job even more stressful.

    Every day, thousands of law enforcement officers across the country leave their families at home while they faithfully protect the communities they serve. When they leave their homes, they never know if, when, or in what condition they will arrive at home. Many of these officers have experienced injuries or trauma in the line of duty such as shootings, physical attacks, grief from losing fellow officers, or car accidents while in pursuit.

    Due to lack of community support, demonstrations against the police, defunding in some areas, many have left the force or taken early retirement while others are afraid to get as involved. This has been detrimental to those neighborhoods, as crimes have begun to surge in areas where there is a lack of police presence.

    I believe that we all need to be backing and encouraging these brave men and women by showing them the respect and gratitude that they deserve. We also need to teach the next generation to treat these heroes, and all those in authority, with respect and appreciation as they continue to uphold and defend the oath they took to protect our communities.

    In order to benefit all of society, those in power and all citizens need to also be held accountable for their actions if they break the laws of this country.

    Christa Gerry