Thanks to Newton Hospital and Belle Reve for A+ care

Nov 20 2018 | 01:31 AM

    To the Editor:
    My family and I want to thank Newton Hospital for the wonderful care I received from everyone on the staff when I fell and broke my arm at midnight on the morning of July 4th. Although it was a holiday, the care was A+!
    And, after three days there, I was transferred to Belle Reve in Milford to spend many days in recovery. I was 84 years old with some of the usual old-age ailments. But the staff at the home was super!
    And the therapy department at Belle Reve is absolutely the best! The therapists are more than likely sent there by God Himself! They work you hard, but you have fun while you do your exercises.
    I tasted a little bit of what heaven must be like with Chris and his superior therapists.
    And — the recovery was successful! My hand, wrist, and arm are as good as new!
    Thank you also to Drs. Margiotti and Wolf for keeping a close eye on me.
    God bless all of you.
    Helene Lane and family
    Milford, Pa.