To those American citizens who voted for Biden

| 10 Nov 2020 | 12:22

    To the Editor:

    It is how we think that determines who we really are. For example, if I were to stamp my tiny foot and insist that I was a Christian, take you to my church, introduce you to everyone, show my name on the rolls and on the financial records which would indicate that I tithe, and then state that of course, I don’t believe in any of that hooey about the Resurrection — what would that do to my claim of being a Christian, to deny the sole, unique, and defining foundation of my faith?

    I define an American as one who supports, upholds, and defends the Founding Fathers’ documents in their creation of our exceptional country as a Republic. They are what define us as uniquely American. Anyone who doesn’t do that, regardless of what their birth certificate may conveniently state, is no American.

    In truth, anyone who believes that Biden’s destructively Socialist policies should be implemented is an American in name only.

    Sue Speck