What you have published makes me embarrassed to be a Byram resident

Byram /
| 22 Feb 2021 | 05:35

    To the Editor:

    I am writing because I am sitting here reading Viewpoints in the Township Journal, which you claim to be balanced but seems to be very Republican heavy.

    I am a longtime resident of Byram and find this appalling and offensive. Most of what you have published here, although public opinion, has no fact checking behind it and is actually quite reckless to fuel the partisanship and hatred in our country. If you were going to accept letters to the editor and claim to be balanced, then you really need to do that. Otherwise you are completely irresponsible by only publishing a Republican viewpoint which does not speak for all of the residents in Byram or Sussex County.

    What you have published in the most recent Township Journal makes me embarrassed to be a Byram resident. We are smarter than this and if you’re not going to fact check people‘s viewpoints then you should just shut down that section altogether. If you can fact-check what these people are saying that’s a different story, but I highly doubt it. It’s very opinionated and based on propaganda which is super dangerous because there is no truth behind it.

    Ignorance is toxic and dangerous. We can do better! We may be Sussex County, but we’re not idiots. Let’s join the 20th century and actually use our brains going forward.

    Monica Osgood