Build backyard family fun with Athenia Mason Supply

Start a new project that will provide years of fun for the whole family

20 May 2020 | 11:52

    With the world on lockdown, many of us have some extra time on our hands to pick up a new project or hobby.

    Forget baking banana bread or sourdough.

    It’s time for a DIY project that will:

    · Expand your current living space

    · Beat the quarantine blues with a fun and engaging project

    · Satisfy the itch to get outdoors

    · Create years of family fun with a new and improved outdoor living options

    The professionals at Athenia Mason Supply at Route 23 Patio have everything you need to complete your next project, from start to finish. The Hamburg, N.J. located supply center has been a go-to for homeowners throughout the tri-state area, providing unmatched customer service that can’t be found at big-box stores. Athenia’s local pros are there to help make sure you have every tool and product you need to bring your DIY project to life.

    Open as an essential business, Athenia Mason Supply at Route 23 Patio is strictly following all CDC rules and recommendations, completing all purchases over the phone, and bringing all items straight to your car for pickup.

    Here’s a little inspiration for your next Athenia Mason Supply project:

    1. Put in a patio

    Expand your outdoor living space by putting in a patio. Choose from Athenia Mason Supply’s extensive set of options to find the perfect style: from concrete or brick pavers, to patterned or irregular stone. Athenia Mason Supply has everything you need to get the job done. Once finished, use your new space for outdoor furniture and grilling.

    2. Build a perfectly manicured garden

    Unleash your inner landscaper by putting in a retaining wall to raise your planting area. After the stonework is done, fill in with soil and get the whole family together to plant healthy veggies, beautiful flowers, or both! Athenia Mason Supply has all of the stones, mulch and soil, you’d need to get this project done.

    3. Put together the perfect fire pit

    Create a stunning, elegant fire pit with an easy-to-assemble fire pit kit from Athenia Mason Supply. Build it yourself. Create the perfect spot for roasting marshmallows with the kids, or enjoying a glass of wine or beer with the grown ups.