Electrician admits to placing hidden camera in Chester woman’s bathroom

Chester. Joseph Krenicky of Glenwood, N.J., faces state prison sentences in Orange County and New Jersey.

| 30 Aug 2019 | 12:19

Joseph Krenicky, 48, of Glenwood, N.J., pleaded guilty Thursday to second-degree unlawful surveillance before Orange County Court Judge Craig Stephen Brown for installing a hidden camera in the bathroom of a Town of Chester woman who had hired him to perform electrical work.

Krenicky has been charged with a similar offense in New Jersey, says Orange County District Attorney David Hoovler. He admitted to keeping video files of the Chester homeowner as she stepped into and out of the shower, and using those video files for his own sexual gratification, Hoovler said.

Pursuant to a plea agreement placed on the record, prosecutors will recommend that Krenicky be sentenced to one to three years in state prison, concurrent to whatever prison sentence he receives in New Jersey. The conviction will also require Krenicky to register as a sex offender. He is scheduled to be sentenced on Sept. 12.

The case in Orange County began after the New Jersey State Police executed a search warrant at Krenicky’s home in Glenwood. Video files of those Krenicky had surreptitiously recorded were recovered from his computer.

Hoovler said the Town of Chester Police Department was instrumental in identifying the Chester victim, and investigating and arresting Krenicky.

“One can scarcely conceive of a greater invasion of privacy than being surreptitiously recorded in the bathroom of your own home,” said Hoovler. “Homeowners must necessarily allow contractors and others into their home to perform work. Those who abuse their ability to access homes to use technology to invade the privacy of unsuspecting victims deserve incarceration. I commend the collaborative efforts of the New Jersey State Police and the Town of Chester Police in investigating this case and for the arrest of this defendant. State prison sentences are the best deterrent to those who might be tempted to use technology to invade the privacy of others, particularly when it is done for purposes of sexual gratification. ”

The case is being prosecuted by Assistant District Attorney Alexis Gregory.