Vernon municipal judge to retire

Vernon. James Devine, Vernon’s municipal court judge, will retire from the bench at the end of 2022.

Newton /
| 17 Oct 2022 | 05:23

Vernon Township Justice James Devine will retire at the end of the year, Mayor Howard Burrell announced on Oct. 14.

According to Burrell, under Devine’s leadership, the judge and the Municipal Court staff made Vernon the first court in Sussex County to install a video link to the county’s jail permitting defendants to appear in court virtually.

Burrell said that has saved the township $80,000 per year.

“This one creative initiative by Judge Devine and the Vernon Township Municipal Court staff eliminated the costly and time-consuming requirement that two Vernon Police Officers make four trips to and from the county jail in Newton, just to pick up and return a defendant for court appearances,” Burrell said.

Councilman Brian Lynch echoed Burrell’s retirement wishes.

Lynch was the first council president in Vernon when the current government was formed in 2011.

“One of the great things about now Captain Devine – because he’s a fishing boat captain – is he’s going to become one of my best friends because he has a boat in Florida we could go on,” Lynch said. “I want to wish him good luck.”