A quarter century making music together

| 28 Sep 2011 | 02:13

    Sussex County-Margaret and Ed Korczynski look back at their quarter-of-a-century piano-teaching career with fondness. They say time passed rapidly - some of their students started at 5 years old and are already adults with their own children. Some of the Korczynskis' students are now graduating from high school n some of these students they have interacted with on a weekly basis for the past 12 years. Margaret and Ed see themselves as the "musical parents" of these pupils n they are teachers feeling a sense of joy and accomplishment at their students' achievements, but also a sense of melancholy as they realize that there is a "final farewell." This year, in particular, Ed and Margaret had a number of farewells - to those who are going to music schools and others who will major in other fields, but will still continue studying piano in college as an extension of their love for music. Margaret and Ed Korczynski are owners of the Sussex County Music Workshop, and their goal is not only to teach children and adults of all ages, but also to interact with the community by providing piano recitals and concerts in Sussex County by established musicians. The Korczynskis are members of the National Guild of Musicians, and Margaret has been coordinating the Guild auditions for local students for the last eight years. This year, 120 students from the county participated in this evaluation, which is organized on a nationwide basis by the University of Texas. The students are evaluated by prominent pianists from the Julliard School, Manhattan School of Music, and other well-known conservatories. The Korczynskis are also members of the North Jersey Piano Teachers Association. Their students participate in the Sussex County Music Foundation auditions, as well as other festivals and competitions. Visit sussexpiano.com to learn more about the school.