‘Babes In Toyland' at Growing Stage Theatre

| 28 Sep 2011 | 02:17

      NETCONG-"Babes In Toyland" opens Friday, Nov. 26 and runs through Sunday, Dec. 26, with performances at 7:30 p.m. on Fridays, and at 4 p.m. on Saturdays and Sundays. Tickets are $12 for adults, $8 for children and senior citizens; season and group rate tickets are also available. In the play, Mother Goose may be forced out in the street if she can't repay her mortgage to the evil Barnaby. Two of her tenants, Tweedle-Dee and Tweedle-Dum, attempt to come to her rescue as Barnaby conspires to not only force Mother Goose out, but also blackmail the sweet Bo Peep to marry him. Christmas is almost here, the characters of nursery rhyme lore are in chaos, Barnaby is about to take over Toyland and Tweedle-Dee & Tweedle-Dum are everyone's only hope. "Babes In Toyland" uses the music of Victor Herbert and lyrics of Glen MacDonough for the Theatre's production, which takes much of its inspiration from the earlier cinema adaptation of the original work, entitled "The March of the Wooden Soldiers," which featured Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy. Growing Stage Theatre's production has been adapted for its stage by Perry Kroeger. For tickets or more information, call 973-347-4946 or visit growingstage.com.