Black Potatoe Music Festival coming

| 29 Sep 2011 | 03:27

    CLINTON — The 13th Annual Black Potatoe Festival is set for July 9 to 12, at the Red Mill Museum in Clinton. Chris Smither, Ellis Paul, Lucy Kaplansky, Sarah Borges, Cheryl Wheeler, Peter Mulvey and Willy Porter, and regional standouts Ginty, Phillips and Cagno will highlight the festival. As always, the festival continues to be an event the showcases new talent. This year’s breakout acts include The Spanish Channel, Lindsay Mac, Brian Stewart, Heath Street, Katerina Hope, Chris Kasper, Colin McGrath, Jaymie Gerard, and Eryn Shewel. And, as always, the festival features New Jersey music veterans as well: Kirsten Thien, Stacie Rose, Evan Toth and Karl Dietel. Without catering to music industry trends, the Black Potatoe Music Festival has prided itself on presenting acts from the national, regional, and local levels. For more details about the festival, the full schedule and ticket information, go to