Bring your Valentine to Music at the Mission and enjoy the sound of the McDades Saturday, Feb. 14

| 29 Sep 2011 | 02:15

West Milford - The McDades, whose Celtic-rooted music fuses the spontaneity of jazz improvisation and infectious global rhythms, will be appearing at Music at the Mission on Saturday, Feb. 14. At the heart of the group are siblings Shannon, Solon, and Jeremiah who grew up playing Canadian folk music alongside their parents and among artists from around the world, a unique upbringing that led to a love and respect for all music. Their ground-breaking compositions and innovative arrangements are characterized by stunning virtuosity and a near-telepathic interaction on stage. Shannon’s lyrical fiddle, Jeremiah’s searing winds and Solon’s smooth bass create the rich foundation for this adventurous band. Rounding out The McDades’ sound are dynamic driving guitar and magnetic hand-drumming. The McDades are the 2007 Juno Award winners for Best Roots/Traditional Album Group, and are winners of the 2007 Independent Music Award for Best World Album Traditional. The Juno Award is the Canadian equivalent of the Grammy. Shannon Johnson began studying violin at the age of three and has progressively gained a reputation as one of the finest fiddlers around. Shannon’s fiddle, vocal, and production skills can be heard on recordings by artists such as Bourne and Johnson, David Wilkie, Terry McDade, Captain Tractor, Luann Kowalek, and Maria Dunn. While keeping a busy live performance and touring schedule, Shannon is also emerging as a leading composer and arranger and is well on her way to becoming one of the top record producers in Canada. Solon McDade has been performing professionally for most of his life. He began playing the cello at age four and, by the time he was nine, he was playing the violin, double bass, and doing shows with his family in the McDade Family Band on the washtub bass. By the age of 16 he was already a veteran of the Canadian folk festival circuit and had performed in shows for many members of British royalty. From smoky blues bars to international festival crowds, Solon has wowed audiences with his musicality. Jeremiah McDade, Shannon and Solon’s younger brother, is a virtuosic multi-instrumentalist and composer, playing whistles, saxophones, fiddle, and flute, to name a few. Performing at festivals, concerts, and major events since he was five years old, Jeremiah has grown into a sought after studio musician. Jeremiah recently graduated with High Distinction from the Jazz Performance program at McGill University in Montreal; he is also a composer and arranger. Simon Marion comes from a well-known and well-respected musical family, and is a multi-faceted guitarist whose influences range from Madonna to traditional Quebecois music. Simon has played with many artists of different musical backgrounds — from folk to rock through traditional jazz and pop. Handling the percussion will be long-time road warrior Mark “Bucky” Wheaton, a magnetic jazz-based drummer who keeps on rockin’ the free world, formerly from the Montreal-based band, Land of Talk. Music at the Mission is located at 1452 Union Valley Road in West Milford, at the West Milford Presbyterian Church. Tickets are $8. For more information, visit or call 800-613-1455. If you go: The McDades Music at the Mission West Milford Presbyterian Church Saturday, Feb. 14, 8 p.m. $8