Ceramist and watercolorist featured at Gallery 23

| 29 Sep 2011 | 02:52

BLAIRSTOWN — Gallery 23 in Blairstown, will feature potter Nancy Zarbock and watercolorist Deborah Mores as artists of the month throughout May. Zarbock’s major focus is on the finished surface of her pottery. She forms pots and manipulates the clay as it dries by faceting, paddling, texturing and carving. She uses stains and glazes - copper, iron, cobalt and silver. Zarbock specializes in raku pottery, a form of Japanese pottery characterized by low firing temperatures and the removal of pieces from the kiln while still glowing hot. In the traditional Japanese firing process, the pot is removed from the hot kiln and put directly into water or allowed to cool in the open air. Raku is considered the traditional method for creating bowls for the Japanese tea ceremony. The term raku is derived from the Kanji character meaning “enjoyment” or “ease.” Mores, of Hackettstown, is a self-trained artist who left nursing to pursue her interest in design. Her approach to designing led to a baby-record book with Random House and related products with Caspari Cards and North American Bear. Custom stenciling and hand painting borders and murals in homes and businesses for over 20 years, she produced designs for over 600 rooms. Moving on to designing, she joined a design firm in New York City and started licensing her work to the home furnishing industry. Mores creates her art using watercolor, pen and ink, pastels and acrylic. They will meet the public on Saturday, May 9 from noon to 4 p.m. Refreshments will be served. For more information, call 908-362-6865 or visit http://www.gallery23.com.